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Nairobi, KE
Wednesday, September 19, 2018
When I first met him, he had just made second lieutenant after training as an officer in Lanet. It was September 1995, I was about a month shy of 6 and I had just watched my first Denzel Washington...
DAY 1: Friday November 28th, 1997. 17:00h. Biafra-Thika. Sudi is seven years old. At the moment, he is seated at the doorstep to the single room where he stays over the weekends with his older brother Jonte (10 years old) and...

Bleeding Out

Today (Wednesday; August 9th, 2017) I have never spent much time thinking about this day. Every time the thought of this time in my life strikes my mind, I always push it away with the agility of a gymnast. Nobody...

Letter to Lucifer

Hello Lucifer, Back on earth when I was still alive, starting a letter with "Dear so and so" was the acceptable way of doing things. So this letter would have started with "Dear Lucifer". However, you are not dear to...
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C for Cracked

Dear Men