The Realm of Humanity

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Chapter one

He stepped out of his luxurious car and looked around to see if anyone was watching him. He always behaved like a thief when he was in this neighborhood. There was no telling who saw him and what they would whisper to his wife. It was around eight in the evening and it was a bright night.

He had lots and lots of complaints against his wife. When they met, she was a bank manager, beautiful, smart and always so full of life. He was just a small time doctor back then but that had been twenty three years ago when all he cared about were beautiful women, lots of cash and fast cars. Winnie, his wife, fell in the beautiful women category.

Theirs had been a blazing fire kind of relationship. They had sex on their second date and after that, there was no stopping them. They had sex in the car, at the balcony, in the office and even in the parking lot. Sometimes it was quick, sometimes it was slow but it was always fulfilling. Never would he forget the blowjob he had received once when they were in a restaurant full of people. Winnie had gone under the table, covered him well with a table cloth and given him the works. Hmm. The good old days!

Then their first born Charity came and everything changed. No more spontaneous blowjobs, no more daily sex in the most unexpected places, no more excitement. Everything went according to a set table and Charity got all the attention. Charity’s two o’clock in the morning heart wrenching screams and everything else associated with babies did all it could to turn him away from Winnie. Then she started neglecting herself. All the sexy clothes were gone and in their place came these baggy t-shirts, unappealing trousers and Neanderthal hair styles that pushed him over the edge.

The attention he had formally paid to Winnie went to his work. He quit his job as a doctor in a government dispensary and started his own clinic. “Health Assurance Clinic” was what he named it. It was his new Winnie. He dedicated at least eighteen hours a day to the place and in a couple of years, it was the most popular clinic in town. Needless to say, the more “Health Assurance” grew, the bigger the distance between him and his wife got.

Their second born Cory was more of an accident than a plan. They had talked of getting pregnant again but he was never ready to go through the whole baby ordeal again. One day, when Charity was seven years old, he went home drunk and had sex with his wife for the first time in months. He was so drunk that he couldn’t remember most of it. Did he enjoy it? Did she enjoy it? Ah, hell. Who cares?

Two months later, she hit him with the bad news. She was pregnant. She seemed really excited about it but he did not share her excitement. There were times when he envied her. Other than her self physical neglect, she was the same Winnie he fell in love with. She was always so full of life and she never complained of his absence. When he turned his attention to his clinic, she turned hers to Charity. When Cory came, it was the best day of her life.

Health Assurance Clinic was now a house hold name. It had branches all over the city and in major towns in the country, and he was considering branching out in the neighboring countries. There were advertisements of the clinic on TV and Billboards but he still wasn’t happy. There was something lacking in his life and he didn’t know what until he met Joey.

Joey was eighteen years younger than he was but she reminded him of the good old days he shared with Winnie. He felt twenty seven again and so full of life.

Whenever he wasn’t in the office, he was with her. He only saw Winnie and the children a few times in a week. Still, Winnie did not complain. There were Charity and Cory to think about now. He never beat her or yelled at her and he was generally polite to her. But she knew that he wasn’t happy. He hadn’t been happy since she got pregnant with Charity twenty two years ago. She hadn’t made him happy since then and though she had been bitter about it at first, years of being alone had toughened her up to it. She was a stranger to him and she learnt to live with that.

Lately, there was a smile on his face, something she hadn’t seen in years and she knew at once that someone somewhere was making her man happy. He was having an affair. She didn’t mind as long as he didn’t go home carrying divorce papers. She wanted her children to know that they still had a father and though he had been absent most of the time, she told them how he provided for everything they needed. He made sure the children never lacked anything they needed.

She hired a private investigator who confirmed her suspicions very fast. Her name was Ms. Mambo or Joey to her friends. She lived in an apartment in Westlands and she was thirty two years old. She was a bank manager at a local bank. She was five feet eight, slim and very easy on the eye. She was light skinned and when she smiled, her pretty face got even prettier. She was Winnie twenty three years ago. Now that she knew who her rival was, she felt comfortable. At least, she wasn’t some hooker somewhere whose only job was to prey on unhappily married men and take everything away from them. She seemed like a classy, respectable lady who had somehow attracted her husband.

She was glad that he hid it well from her. She was happy that he had the decency not to throw the affair to her face. At least, he still respected her and the children. However, there still existed a small part in her that wished if only she was still young and beautiful…if only she was still attractive in her husband’s eyes.

This particular evening, he called her with another one of his excuses. There was an emergency at the hospital and he wouldn’t be home till late. “Don’t wait up.” She didn’t. Cory, who was now a very bright form three student, was away in a boarding high school and Charity, a third year medical student, was away at the university; Winnie was all alone in the house. Sometimes she pondered about having an affair but who would want an old woman? She wasn’t one to be a sugar mummy so she steered off that thought. She went to bed all alone like she was used to.

He stepped out of his luxurious car and looked around to see if anyone was watching him. He always behaved like a thief when he was in this neighborhood. There was no telling who saw him and what they would whisper to his wife. It was around eight in the evening and it was a bright night. He wondered if she knew about him and Joey. That was highly unlikely considering that he had gone to extreme heights to keep his affair a secret or so he thought.

He climbed the stairs up to the second floor of the apartments in Westlands and rang the door bell twice so she would know it’s him. Joey always answered the door fast and with a smile on her face and today was no exception. She stood there with a glass of his favorite wine in her hand, a ready smile on her pretty face and dressed in a white robe. He knew she wore nothing under that robe.

“Come on in love.” She said, smiling wider and eyeing him lusciously. Spending time with him never ceased to amaze her. He took her to places she never knew existed before him and she knew that no one else would take her where he took her. Sometimes she got wet just at the thought of him. She wondered why his wife let him out of her sight. If she were the wife, she would never let this man out of her sight. She would keep him even if it meant putting a sign on his face. She would solely own him. No sharing.

She took off his coat and handed him the glass of wine. He smiled and kissed her. “You are very beautiful. Do you know that?”

She knew she was beautiful. She had lost count of the men that had told her that; some sincerely, others with the sole aim of getting into her pants. But somehow, this man said it in a manner that satisfied her. She believed every word that came out of his mouth. Sometimes she wondered if she meant anything to him other than the girl on the side. Did he love her? She failed to understand how, but she was in love with him.

Sometimes, she felt like he was still deeply in love with his wife. He had told her that they would never get pregnant and he would never marry her. He convinced her however, that he wished everyday that he had met her before he met Winnie. The damage was done so all there was to do now was to live with it.

“You tell me that every day honey.” She smiled back at him and showered him with petite kisses. She massaged his shoulders, back and feet and did to him stuff that Winnie hadn’t done in two decades. He watched as she prepared a hot meal for him and he wondered why he was so lucky.

He joined her in the kitchen and started by kissing her neck. She warmed up to his touch and reciprocated by turning and kissing him intensely. He untied the knot on her robe and pulled it off her body exposing her exquisite nakedness. Never would her body cease to amaze him. How many hours had God spent on creating her? He must have done it on the eighth day or something when he had all the time to create perfection. That was what she was. Perfection.

He lifted her off the ground and made her sit on the kitchen table with her thighs on either side of his waist. He owned her now as he worked his way down her neck, breasts and down below to her honey pot. It was all moist down there. She turned off the gas in autopilot because she didn’t want the smell of burning food to interrupt the forthcoming trip to heaven. She demanded that he fill her up immediately and he was like an obedient child pulling down his pants. His member found her waiting. He was like a soldier, walking into a dark cave full of warm contentment. He was flying high and she was right there with him, sighing as he pushed himself deeper and deeper into her.

Later, they lay beside each other on the bed, but neither of them remembered clearly how they had gotten to the bedroom. This was a moment both of them looked forward to; the peaceful window of time after sex and before he left her to go back to his wife. He had looked forward to lying naked beside her, taking pleasure in the caress of the silk sheets against his skin and the touch of her smooth skin. He had looked forward to running his finger along her naked body. She had looked forward to lying on his enormous hairy chest and to listen as he spoke softly to her in his deep voice.

“That was amazing.” She had heard him say that over a hundred times now but it never grew old.

“It’s always amazing with you Eric.” She bit her lower lip and wondered if she should pop her question now. What would he say?

“Joey, I’ve been thinking.” His voice was a low hum that interrupted her flow of thoughts. “A part of me wants me to leave her for you. I want to divorce my wife.”

She had been waiting a long time to hear those words from his mouth and now that they were here, they filled her with inexplicable terror.

“What! Why?” She raised her head and supported it on her elbow. If she was going to have this conversation, she would do it looking at him in the eye.

“Why are you so inquisitive? I…it’s just that, I am not happy with her you know.”

“Yeah, I know.” A sigh. That was why he was cheating on her in the first place. “Have you thought about it?”

No he hadn’t. In fact, he had no idea why he had told her that. He had made it clear that he would never impregnate her and neither would he marry her. Maybe it was the oxytocin talking. Maybe he was getting whipped. “Tell you what,” his hands caressed her body, “let me think about it for a while longer, alright?”

A lingering kiss followed. She didn’t want him to think that she was desperate for him to leave Winnie for her. But it was beginning. She would make him come to her without her direct asking. She would continue being nice to him, do things that his wife wouldn’t even dream of and take care of him in ways he only read about in a novel. By the time she was done with him, he would come begging to make her his only woman.

“I have to go now.” He said suddenly getting out of bed.

“Why the hurry sweetheart? Just call her and tell her your patient needs your undivided attention tonight.” She said smiling knowingly. He wouldn’t be lying to his wife entirely. Joey was his patient for the night and she needed his undivided attention. She pushed the sheets away and let his eyes feast on her thick, smooth thighs leading up to…

He turned his eyes quickly away from this temptation. He could feel the warmth engulfing his groin. But he had to go home tonight. He kissed her lightly on the lips and told her to hold that thought for a day. Tomorrow, he would spend the night. That was a promise.

He dressed up and she watched him, a tiny smile playing on her lips. Oh, doesn’t he know how to treat a lady! The thought of him spending the following night in her bed drove images in her mind that made her legs part and an involuntary low moan escaped her lips. She was a tigress on fire, demanding immediate cool off.

“Come to bed baby. Let me share with you my sweet fruit.” Her long legs parted, her womanhood beckoned him. It seemed to be smiling up at him seductively saying, “Please.”He smiled back at her and decided there wasn’t much left to lose. He went down hard on her, making her moan, scream and yell, demanding that he grab her from this galaxy to wherever he wished. She was his horse for the night, and he rode her with all his might.

Forty five minutes later, she walked him to his car resting her head on his shoulder and rubbing her hip against his waist. She could feel her hard nipples rubbing against her robe and her thighs rubbing against each other as she walked. She hadn’t put any panties on, but then she never wore them in his presence.

“Goodnight doctor. You have done a great job on your patient.” Her voice was still hoarse from the moaning earlier.

“That’s what makes me the best doctor around.” There was an actual note of pride in his deep voice. “Goodnight lover. You know you are my favorite patient, right?”

“I doubt it.” She laughed lightly. “Judging by the heavy medication you give me, it’s like you want to heal me quickly.”

“Are you complaining?”

“Complaining? Uh doctor; I can barely walk.” She could still feel his member inside of her and when he hugged and kissed her goodnight, she wanted to drag him back to the house for more medication. And to think that he would spend the following night with her; uh Jesus; that thought prompted her to run her tongue around her mouth and she didn’t stop doing it even long after he got into his car and drove off towards Mountain View. He was going home to his wife. That thought stabbed her like a dagger.

She was a woman who chose to dwell on the good things in her life and that meant that she wouldn’t waste her time thinking about Eric’s haggard wife. Why do that when she could focus on the fact that she was his favorite and very soon he would leave the wife for her? She had to think of what she would cook for him tomorrow. She knew he liked fish and chicken. What would she make him? Chicken? Fish? Should she toss a coin? “I’ll just toss a coin.” She thought as she went up the stairs.

She was so absorbed in her thoughts that she failed to notice a shadow behind her. Her mind was reeling like a clock. She would toss a coin. Heads would mean chicken and tails would mean fish. That decided she started thinking of how she would cook it. Should she deep fry it or… She was at her door now. She turned the knob, pushed the door open and was about to enter when the shadow stood behind her. She was too engrossed in how to entertain her lover to notice.

Did Eric like roasted fish or chicken? She had never thought about it. Maybe she would just call him for enquiries. But that would spoil the surprise, wouldn’t it? She would just deep fry whatever it is the coin would dictate. Then afterwards, that was her favorite moment; the moment when he would fill her up with his gigantic member. It was like his was made of honey or something. She would part her legs so wide that…

An arm grabbed her head from the back and sharp pain engulfed her entire body as something sharp slit her throat from left to right. It was swift like whoever did it had done it since birth. One moment she was thinking of how tomorrow’s sex would be, the other she was wondering what was going on.

The door swung open as her hands flew to her slit throat. There was hot blood gushing out and it threw her into a panic. Her eyes popped open in utter terror as she came to the realization that she was dying. The pain was gone and in its place was the cold feeling of acceptance. She felt the strength flow out of her body as her knees sagged. She tried to call for help but all that came out of her were gurgling noises. As she collapsed at her doorway in a heavy heap, all she wished was that Eric was there to keep her warm during this hour of sheer cold and death. A typed note beside her body read, “Thou shall not commit adultery.” Exodus 20: 14

He smiled at the thought of Joey. She was an angel, that woman. His eye caught a note on the seat beside him and he reached for it. How did it get there? Was this a Bible verse? He noticed that he was driving too fast and he pressed the brake pedal but it went right to the floor. His brakes had failed. He was going at over 100 km/h and rising and there were two trucks ahead of him. He ran over a pothole and there was a loud bang as one of the front tires burst making him lose control of the car immediately. His beautiful vehicle turned into a killing machine as it rolled over the road breaking tens of bones in his body and eventually his neck, killing him instantly. The typed note he had seen read, “Thou shall not commit adultery.” Exodus 20: 14























Chapter two

He entered the noisy night club in Westlands and went right up to the counter. It was Thursday evening; his favorite evening. He had a schedule which he followed. Every Thursday, he entered this club at around ten in the evening, had a few dry shots of Whisky, and danced with a strange lady. If everything went his way, he would make out with her and maybe have sex with her.

He had always been one to have sex with strangers and that meant he kept condoms on him at all times. Maybe it was because people had called him handsome on more than a few accounts and it had gone to his head or maybe he was born a ladies’ choice. Either way, he was confident. How else would he have had sex with more women than most thirty three year olds?

He wasn’t the type the girls called cute or sweet. Hell no. Over the years, he had observed women’s behavior and he knew for a fact that ‘cute and/or sweet’ guys never got laid. If a girl called him cute, he would stop buying her drinks immediately and move on to the other woman who would recognize him for who he really was; a real man willing to lift her beyond her wildest fantasies. He had one problem though, he wasn’t a keeper.

He was tall and would have fallen under the ‘tall, dark, and handsome’ category hadn’t he been a little bit too light skinned; a fact he had earlier in life hated with a passion. He wanted to be tall, dark and handsome. Now that he was a grown man, he had found that being light skinned worked in his favor.

In his late teens and early twenties, he believed that he had to work harder than his tall, dark and handsome counterparts to win a woman’s heart and he found himself doing all he could to please a woman. He went over and above for a woman just to please her and it bore sweet fruits. Women loved him and thanked him profusely. They showered him with hugs, kisses and sex all in a bid to keep him because they were afraid to lose him to the next woman.

By the time he was twenty five, he had slept with dozens of women and he decided he wanted one who would be his to keep. He was bored with the one night stands in lodgings and waking up in the morning beside strange women with horrible morning breathe so he made up his mind to find a woman he would proudly present to his mother as her future daughter in law.

He found one by the name of Nina and she was a keeper. The problem was; he wasn’t. He was too much of a free soul to be confined to a serious relationship. He loved his freedom so much that losing it to one woman was unthinkable. In a few months, he grew tired and went back to being the free soul he was meant to be. However, she refused to leave him alone. She clung to him like glue; something he found abhorring. To him, nothing said ‘pathetic’ like a clingy woman.

“Give me a double shot of Whisky please.” He ordered as he made himself comfortable on the high stool at the counter.

“How do you want that?”

“Dry, please.” He said looking around the club as if hoping to find someone.

The barman grabbed a bottle of Jameson whisky and poured two shots in a glass. “There you go.” He said pushing the glass towards the customer.

“Thank you very much.” He sipped a little of his drink, cringed and then took a bigger sip, still looking around. He sipped his drink, sighed and stared fixatedly at someone.  “Oh baby, where have you been all my life?”

The girl he was staring at was walking into the club in the company of two more ladies but it was easy to see why he had singled her out. In her late twenties, she was short and plump, light skinned with all the curves in the right places and no extra fat anywhere on her. Her light green, tight fitting silk dress and high heels gave her the appearance of a princess. He finished his drink and ordered another double shot still eyeing the girl.

“Are you going to talk to her or are you just going to sit there and eat her with your eyes?” The barman asked passing him his drink.

“Relax buddy.” He answered without looking at him. “I will do more than just talk to her.” then mumbled under his breath so the barman wouldn’t hear. “I will eat her and not with my mouth if you get my drift.” He grabbed his drink, flashed it, cringed and rubbed his hands together.

He could tell her life story just by looking at her. She was young but very successful. That meant that she was used to getting things her way. She was a controlling woman and guys couldn’t stand her. She was obviously single and mostly likely, it was her friends who had convinced her to take a break from her work, come to the club and have some fun. Or, she had just come here to have a good time with a stranger with no strings attached. She couldn’t afford to be distracted from her career by a serious relationship.

The girl chose a table and her friends sat with her. She appeared to be the leader in this pack and he liked that. He liked a confident woman. “Here we go.” He mumbled again and slid off his stool. He walked confidently across the noisy club towards the girls’ table.

“Hello there.” He said, offering her his hand. He was standing in front of her trying hard not to stare at her cleavage.

“Hello.” She answered smiling and took his hand with a firm grip. He liked that too. A woman with a grip was sure of herself. He also liked her smile. It struck him as angelic. Like it was reserved just for him.

“I know you hear this a lot but I was sitting at the bar when you walked in and when I saw you I felt like it was just you and I in this world. Everything else just stopped existing.” Her girlfriends laughed but she didn’t.

“Is that it?” She asked, her eyes smiling at him. “Is that your big line?”

“No, that is not a line. It’s a fact.” He let go her hand and leaned closer to her. “You are a confident, smart and fashionable woman and I would like to know you better.” Her girlfriends were staring at him so he said to them with a smile, “Now that’s a line.”

“You are drunk.” She said.

“Yes I am a little drunk but that’s no excuse for my bad manners.” He offered her his hand again. “Hello there, my name is Andy Jumba. What’s your name?”

“Just call me Elizabeth.” The firm handshake again.

“Well Elizabeth, if you don’t mind, I would really like to buy you a drink or two and I would most definitely love to enjoy the pleasure of your company.”

Her friends beamed at her in approval and him encouraged, continued, “I cannot promise you much right now but I can guarantee that you will not regret it.”

She appeared to think about it and then decided to let herself go. After all, he was such a handsome and charming guy. What bad could come of hanging out with him for a night? “I am a whisky girl. Choose the brand for me.”

“As it turns out, I am a whisky person too and I know just the brand for you.” He bought whisky shots for her and her friends and as the night wore on, he tore her away from the group, danced with her, took more shots with her. At around 1.00 am, he suggested that they leave for somewhere less noisy.

“Yeah, that seems like a great idea.” She laughed drunkenly and left to say goodbye to her friends.

“So where are we going?” She asked when she came back.

“Like I said, somewhere less noisy and more private.”

“OK sunshine.” She said running her finger across Jumba’s lips. “You are the boss.”

“Just remember that.” He held her by the hips and pulled her closer as they left the noisy club.

He had no problem at all driving her to the hotel room he had booked earlier in the night. She was as compliant as he liked them and if she continued like this, there would be no problem at all. She seemed all over him as she kissed and caressed him. He could tell that she hadn’t been with a man in a while.

“Here we are.” They were standing at the door to the room. He fished the keys out of his pockets, unlocked the room, switched on the lights and ushered her in. “Welcome home queen Elizabeth.”

“I was home the moment I saw you baby.” She was very drunk. She staggered into the room and looked around. Judging from the look on her face, she liked what she saw. “You have great taste, Jumba.”

“I say we don’t talk too much about my tastes. After all, this isn’t my place.”

“Still,” She ran her finger across his lips again, “I have to give credit where credit is due. Don’t you think?” Her well manicured finger ran down his chin, chest and stomach agonizingly slowly but her low, husky voice turned him on. Her finger was on his groin now and he breathed in sharply. “You like that?”

“Yes I do.”

He liked that she liked to play with him. She took his hand and led him to the bed where she kissed him before pushing him. He fell heavily on the mattress and watched, biting his lower lip as she kicked off her shoes and peeled her dress off slowly. “Boy! She is faultless.” He could feel his member growing hard.

She stood in front of him in her bra and underwear. He had seen many naked women in his life but this one was different. This one was…just right. She had the right complexion; the right curves…God must have been feeling artistic when He created her. Maybe she was an angel.

“Are you an angel?” He asked dreamingly.

“I am whatever you need me to be my king.”

“Take off the bra.”

She slowly unhooked her bra and took it off. She had the firmest breasts he had ever seen on a woman. “Oh my God.” He sighed.

“Do I turn you on?” She asked smiling seductively down at him.

“Is that a trick question?” The bulge in his trousers was screaming to answer that question for her.

“You turn me on too baby.” She climbed on the bed and walked on all fours towards him. “Take off your shirt for me.” Her low voice was so seductive that it was commanding. He peeled off his shirt exposing his muscles. She stared at his body for a while then ran her finger down his stomach feeling his abs.

“You are perfect.” She kissed his navel and worked her way up. The cool lips on his stomach, chest and neck turned him on so much that he thought his erection was going to burst out of his trousers. She must have read his mind because she got back up, unbuttoned his trousers, pulled down the zip and peeled it out of him.

“You are huge. I like huge.” She said and kissed the tip of his member through his boxers. “I like it that you have wet your boxers for me too.”

She kissed his lips and he got even harder. Oh, how he longed to have her. How he longed to own her. “Relax. I am not going anywhere.” She said and pulled away. He had gotten lost in his intense thoughts and kissed her roughly.

She peeled off his boxers slowly and watched as the prisoner she had just freed stood at attention. She kissed it and he moaned. She could tell that he liked every bit of what she was doing to him. He liked that she liked to play with him. Torture him.

She took it in his mouth in slow, almost endearing movements and he groaned again like a wounded animal. She knew that he couldn’t wait to have her just as she couldn’t wait to let him have her. She then kissed her way up towards his mouth slowly like a woman who knew her way around a man’s wants. He wondered how many men she had showed this queenly experience. Tens or hundreds? Her lips were on his again and she tasted like strawberry. The taste of whisky in her mouth was gone.

He grabbed her and rolled over her as she shrieked then laughed. “You want to be on top baby?” She asked searching his eyes.

“It’s my turn to show you a nice time.” She let out a low moan as he kissed her thighs and worked his way up towards her private area. Her legs parted involuntarily and she had wet her panties. He took them off and watched as she lay there completely naked. Again, she was ideal. She was an angel.

“I am all yours baby.” She said writhing. She wanted him. She demanded him. “Have me!”

Her wish was his command. He went down hard on her and she couldn’t have enough of him. She couldn’t remember the last time she felt like this. Even her first love didn’t feel like this. “Oh my God, fill me up!” She couldn’t remember the last time she parted her legs so wide for anyone. He was her fantasy. She wanted the whole of him inside her. In her sweet euphoria, she screamed, “YES!”

That was the moment he was waiting for. He wanted to take her to that world full of milk and honey, watch as she bathed in sweetness, fulfill her sexual fantasy, take her to the climax then suddenly yank it all away from her. That was what made him feel strong. That was what made him feel like a man.

He suddenly pulled himself out of her and knelt on the bed. “No. No please don’t stop.” She begged looking up at him.

“Suck it.” He ordered looking down at his erect member.


“I said suck it whore. That’s what you are, right? A whore?”

“Wha…what are you talking about?” Terror was beginning to creep into her voice. Was this sweet handsome guy one of those psychopaths who liked killing girls in lodgings?

“I said suck it bitch!” He ordered then slammed his fist against her face. “SUCK IT!”

Shocked, surprised and scared, she slowly took his member and put it in her mouth. Maybe if she complied, he wouldn’t kill her.

“Quickly…yeah that’s it…yeah…yeah.” Now he was having fun. Now that he was in complete control, he was the man. Or was he?

“Who is the man?” He asked. She didn’t answer. He grabbed her by her long hair and slapped her hard across her beautiful face. “Who is the man bitch?”

She wanted to answer. She wanted so badly to answer him, tell him that he was the man but her voice wouldn’t go past her throat. Her terror blocked it and the next blow caught her on the eye blacking her vision out. From a far, she heard him ask, “Who is the man?” She didn’t answer.

Furiously, he got her on all fours and shoved himself inside her roughly from behind. This time, it wasn’t sweet but painful. The terror was gone and in its place was excruciating pain stabbing her entire body. She screamed.

“Shut up!” He ordered from behind her and slammed his jab into her ribs. “Who is the man?”

“You are the man.” She answered crying.

“Good! I am the man.” He yelled thrusting himself in and out of her massively. “I am the man!”

She had heard of people getting raped but she never thought that it could happen to her. She thought that rape victims had brought it upon themselves by dressing seductively and inviting trouble. But she had done everything right and her only mistake was falling for a stranger. How foolish of her. From a far, she heard him ask, “Who is the king?”

I am the king.” Being the man was no longer enough. Now he wanted her to declare him the king. He needed to be sure that he was in control of this woman who was used to having things her way. He pushed himself in her again and asked her who the king is. When she failed to answer, he hit her lower back with his elbow yanking her out of her self pity.

“You are the king.” She answered feebly.

“I didn’t hear you!”

“You are the king. Oh my God, you are the king.”

“Yes.” He declared laughing hysterically. “Yes! I am the king! I am the king of the world!” Or was he?

Just to be sure that he was the king of the world; he asked her again, “Who is the king of the world?”

“You are the king of the world.” She wanted this misery to be over. She wanted to get as far away from him as possible. She wanted to die.


“You! You are the king of the world. God, you are the king of the world!” Her voice was feeble but it was the best she could do as endless tears streamed down her face.

Did she by any chance think that God was mightier than him right now? He wanted to be God. He was God.

“Who is God?”


Was she questioning him? How dare she question him? He was the man. He was the king; the king of the world. He was God. How dare she question God? He pulled out of her and rained tens of blows on her body and face. “Who is God?”

“You are God, you son of a bitch. You are God!” She was done being degraded by this psycho.

He liked that she was angry. He smashed her face with his fist again and a bone crunched. “I am God!” He declared laughing hysterically like a lunatic and got back to raping her. There was no resistance from Elizabeth anymore as she lay half-conscious on the bed. He liked it that way. He never fancied necrophilia but the idea of having sex with a woman who showed no feelings, one who just lay there and took it in turned him on. That was what made him hit climax.

He would tell Nina about this and he would love it. He loved torturing his wife with the stories of his sexual escapades. He dressed and looked down at Elizabeth. She wasn’t beautiful anymore. Her face covered in cuts, bruises and blood. It was a swollen mess, her eyes were swollen shut, her nose and jaw were broken and her lips were tattered. There were bruises all over her body.

“Who is in control now, Queen Elizabeth?” He pulled out his wallet, took out two five hundred shillings notes and placed them on the bedside table. “It was a pleasure doing business with you whore.” With that, he switched off the lights and left. She welcomed the warm blanket darkness provided. In darkness, no man would see her. She hated men. She loathed them. She let herself wallow in her hate as she lost consciousness.


Chapter three

Kenneth Taji or Ken as his friends called him, walked into the dimly lit boardroom with his briefcase in hand, regarded the faces around with vague superiority and carelessly threw his briefcase on the table startling a few people. He deliberately refused to take a seat.

“Mr. Taji, it is funny how you think that your cheap theatrics intimidate anyone.” The speaker was Gideon Mboni, a great labor lawyer with over three decades of experience.

A smile touched Ken’s lips then vanished. He liked it when people came to his law firm to settle. It meant that they knew that he knew that they had no case. He deliberately maintained silence, creating tension in the huge room. He looked at the around the table.

On one side sat Gideon Mboni the defense lawyer in this multi million shillings case, his assistant – a slightly built lady whose name he kept forgetting – and Connie Wanjala, the C.E.O of the defendant pharmaceutical corporation whose net worth went well into billions. On the other side sat no one. Ken liked handling his cases alone, especially in settlements like this.

Suddenly, he started talking. “Gideon…”

“That’s Mr. Mboni to you.” Gideon interrupted quickly.

“Gideon or Mr. Mboni or whatever else you want to be called today, there is something you are not getting here. Your client knowingly supplied medicine that had fatal side effects on the patients…”

“You cannot prove that!” Gideon interrupted again, this time with a little heat in his voice.

Ken was on the verge of raising his voice but he suddenly thought the better of it, smiled briefly again and spoke with his index finger in the air as if literally pushing his point home. “You know what Gideon? You are right. I have no actual evidence to prove that your client knowingly supplied bad medicine but imagine what the circumstantial evidence would do to your client’s PR. They would lose clients; their shares would take a nose dive on the stock market, and don’t even get me started on what the NGOs will do to them. So you can sit there on your fat ass and argue with me all day or…”

“We will give your clients three million shillings. No more.” Connie interrupted suddenly, attracting a major frown from her lawyer.

“Make that three hundred million and we will have a deal.”

“Three hundred million? Are you out of…?”

Ken interrupted her unexpectedly, so calmly but with a ubiquitous sense of menace in his voice that he surprised her. “…my mind? Yeah. I am out of my mind. Now it’s either you give me three hundred million shillings, or please get out of my board room.”

They glared at him before Connie whispered something into Gideon’s ear. Gideon whispered back with a disappointed look on his face and Connie replied with an order.

“My client needs to know that she will not be slapped with another class action suit after this one.”

“Your client should know that if a new case arises, I will rain hell and brimstones on the corporation, Mr. Mboni.”

Connie and Gideon whispered into each other’s ears for a couple of minutes and finally came to a consensus. “Your clients will have their three hundred million but…”

Ken had heard what he had gone there to hear. He was in no mood to listen to ‘buts’ so he picked up his briefcase and stormed out shouting over his shoulder, “One of my guys will take it up from there counselor.”

On his way back to his office, he stopped to admire a plaque written, “Taji, Hamisi& Co. Advocates.” He smiled and strode off to his office. He stopped again to admire the name on his door. “Kenneth Taji. Managing Partner.” He pulled open the door and entered his modern office. He was headed for the huge seat behind a huge desk when his phone rang. He casually pulled it out of his pocket and stared blankly at the screen with the words “private number” written on it. Reluctant but curious, he picked it up. “Hello.”

“Ken?” The voice on the other side was hesitant. It was the voice of a terrified man.

“Sam? Sam, is that you?” He asked urgently, terror creeping into every bit of his body and voice. He heard a muffled, terrified sigh followed by gurgling noises as if someone was being choked.

“Sam? Sam! Sammy what the hell is going on?” The gurgling noise continued but there was something else. There was slow, controlled breathing as if there was someone else in the room with Sam.

He hung up the phone and ran out of his office to the parking where he entered his car and drove off recklessly towards Sam’s. Having arrived at Sam’s, he parked the car carelessly outside the gate and ran through the gates leaving behind a baffled couple of guards. He ran up the flight of stairs two at a time then burst through Sam’s door and entered the living room. He looked around but didn’t notice the smart, gargantuan apartment. Sam wasn’t in the living room. He ran to the bedroom and there he lay.

Sam lay shirtless and motionless on the neatly made bed in a pool of blood. He was lying on his back, with his open eyes looking blankly at the ceiling. His hands were placed on his chest and he resembled a deceased Viking on the verge of cremation. His throat was slit.

Beside him lay a typed note which read, “If a man lies with a male as with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination: they shall surely be put to death; their blood is upon them.” Leviticus 20:13

*                                                                 *                                                                            *

“Bless me father for I have sinned.” He said softly in the confession booth as if he was addressing himself.

“How long has it been since your last confession?” The elderly Catholic Priest asked noncommittally. He had been doing this for a long time and confession had been reduced to a boring obligatory routine which he had to adhere to as a Catholic Priest.

“Three days.”

The Catholic Priest was a little interested now. Who went back to confession after three days? “And what is the nature of your sins, son?”

The Young Handsome Man took his time before answering the question. He knew about the confidential nature of confession but still, putting himself in the hands of a man, a mere mortal man, made him vulnerable. But he wasn’t putting himself in the hands of a man. He was thrusting himself in the hands of God.

“Do you believe that God forgives all sins father?”

“God is great and there is no sin that is too great for Him to forgive.”

“Then why does hell exist? If God forgives all sins, why is there hell father?”

“Hell is for those who do not repent. Do you read the Bible son?”

“Every day.”

“Then you are conversant with John 3:16.”

“For God so loved the world that He gave his only Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have eternal life.”

“Very good. Jesus Christ washed our sins away. Now when we commit sins, all we have to do is repent and absolution shall be ours.”

The man nodded and sighed satisfactorily. He knew all that of course, but he desperately needed to hear it from the mouth of a Catholic Priest. It was as if God Himself was in the booth with him.

“Praise be to the Lord.”

“Amen. Now what sins have you committed son?”

“I have killed three people in the last three days father. Two were adulterers and one was gay and the Lord spoke to me through the Book of Leviticus. The Lord said that…”

The Catholic Priest was now genuinely keen. He had heard of other Catholic Priests’ such experiences. Lunatics who committed all kinds of atrocities in the name of the Lord then hobbled to confession in the hope of absolution, but this one was different, somehow. This one seemed to believe that he was doing God a favor by committing murder.

“…if a man commits adultery with the wife of his neighbour, both the adulterer and the adulteress shall be put to death. The Lord said that to me through Leviticus 20:10.”

“I know what the Bible says son, but murder is murder.” The Catholic Priest hissed between his teeth.

“IT’S NOT…” The Young Handsome Man yelled, realized his mistake and tried again, this time though passionately but at a significantly lower tone. “It’s not murder when you do it for the Lord. The Bald Preacher says it’s not murder when you do it in the name of the Almighty.”

“Exodus 20:13, do you know what it says?”

“I know my commandments by heart father. But what I do is not murder. It’s a service to God.”

“You shall not kill. That is the fifth commandment. God loves you son. How old are you?”

“Twenty five. Has He forgiven me for my sins?” A note of impatience was creeping into his voice. He had been here too long. Why was God so slow in forgiving him today?


“Am I forgiven or not?”

Sensing that he was about to lose the Young Handsome Man, the Catholic Priest decided it was time to let him go, in the hope that he would be back. He wasn’t sure if God would absolve him from his sins since he wasn’t sure that the boy even understood the gravity of his sins, but he would pray for him.

“Say five ‘Holy Mary’s’ and three ‘Our Father’s’. May the Lord be with you.”

“And with you too father.” The Young Handsome Man mumbled his prayers, did a sign of the cross and left the curiously bedazzled Catholic Priest in the confession booth.

*                                                               *                                                                                *

The enormous tent stood noticeably in the middle of a big compound. Outside the tent stood a banner that read, “Fire of Christ Ministries.” He entered the compound and in long slow strides, he walked towards the tent.

In the tent, he found The Bald Preacher, a short elderly man knocking on the sixties’ door, with a pot belly and a bald head praying vehemently. The church was littered with hundreds of empty plastic chairs and at the front was a raised dais, on which were, The Bald Preachers’ and church leaders’ empty seats and the pulpit. The Bald Preacher was pacing the dais, too engaged in fiery prayer to notice the Young Handsome Man’s arrival.

“…you are Mighty Jehovah!” prayed the Bald Preacher. “Oh you that delivered Daniel from the lions’ den! Oh you that gave Samson the strength to single handedly defeat thousands of enemies! You are mighty, you are mighty, may your name be praised! Make us your soldiers oh Jehovah Nissi! Let this church be your instrument of destruction upon thine enemies Father!”

The Young Handsome Man sat on one of the plastic chairs at the back of the church and watched The Bald Preacher carefully as he continued his prayer.

“The Book of Exodus tells us how you helped the Israelites defeat Amalek. Almighty Father, you sent Moses to the hilltop with a rod in his hand and whenever Moses put up his hand, Israelites prevailed and whenever he lowered it, Amalek prevailed. We do not want Amalek to prevail Father! Use this church as you used Moses! We are your soldiers dear God and we will prevail against all evil doers! We will hunt them down like the animals they are, and we will put them all down in your Holy name! We will send them all to hell in Jehovah’s Great name!”

The Young Handsome Man understood the cause. He was a soldier in the war against evil. He was the good guy and it was he that would be remembered in the books of history as the greatest warrior and it was he that God would smile at, pat on the shoulder and say, “Welcome to heaven son. You did a great job down there.”


Chapter Four

Sergeant Maingi climbed the flight of stairs slowly, his mind reeling. He had been briefed over the phone that the “Bible Quotes Killer” had struck again. Maingi was thirty nine years old and he had been in service for nineteen years now. He was of medium build but what set him apart from the rest of the cops was his insightful nature.

During his nineteen years of service, he had come across several serial killers but none was as meticulous as the Bible Quotes Killer. There was something intimidating about this one. He was so precise and… (

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  1. Great book, read it whole in one sitting and still I searched for more pages!! Talk of insatiable. It couldnt be longer?!
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