Remind Me

Courtesy: Christian Today

Written by Mwas “Picha Africa” Munyala

I am a man,
Before, I was boy then a teenager
I grew older and wiser and life seemed smooth…
A fairy tale…
And I don’t complain

Through life’s tricks I have learnt to be clever
Through its pains I have struggled to keep keeping on
I have mastered the art of war
The mind plays
The love games
The things life gives and what it takes

I have met people,
Friends of thought and enemies of progress
Dearest ones of lovers’ choice
Givers of bundles of joy
And angels of doom
And today,
Today I feel lost

So remind me
Remind me
Of the teachings of love and that hate is pain
Of the light of the moon and the sun’s might
Of darkness, victory and the three days down
Of the promises kept and the everlasting love
Of the sins of our fathers
Of the nature of man

Remind me of the image of you in me
And the reflection of me in society
Remind me of the teachings of the saints
Of the prodigal son
Of how to bend
Of how to submit
And how to kneel down…
Yes…how to kneel down

Remind me that pride is foolish
And wisdom is strength
That when knowledge lacks I perish in pain
That when the cock crows,
You knew exactly when and how,
That you met pain before it was felt
That you declared light while it was dark
That you made soil before you made flesh
Sticks before bones
And water before blood
That you knew
I would still come back and repent with heart
Remind me that you are king and I a prince
That your mercy, Dear Lord, endures
Remind me how to be more of your son
Than of the world
Remind me, how to be.

(Mwas Munyala is a 27-year old dude from Nakuru, Kenya. He is a poet  with a great focus on the subject of love. He started writing 5 years ago and has (evidently) grown since. With great interest in the empowerment of the African woman through the simplistic expression of love in our day to day activities, he is currently working on a project “Tales of an African Woman” which includes Portrait Photography,  and Poetry. You can find more of his work on
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