After kissing her husband Malik and two children goodbye, she hurries off to the garage, starts her car and speeds out of the compound.

Playing on the radio is cool continuous Classical music. It is Monday 06:51h and her silk white Range Rover Evoque is speeding down Waiyaki Way when she is flagged down by police officers.

She pulls over, lowers her window, and reduces the volume. She catches a glimpse of an officer approaching her from the rear through the side mirror and flashes her best smile.

Her name is Amina, 32 years old, taller than most, and a first glance at her would have one taking her for a professional model.

Officer: Good morning miss.

Amina: Hello, good morning officer. I see you’re bright and early to your office. How’re the citizens behaving this morning?

Officer: Well, some are naughtier than others. Take you for example. Driving at 127 km/h in a place where you should be doing 50.

Amina: Oh. (Smiles) That was so many kilometers ago. I wouldn’t jeopardize my fellow motorists lives like that. Not on the highway

Officer: Where are you headed in such a hurry?

Amina: Well officer my name is Amina and my work involves stopping Female Genital Mutilation. Well, it involves empowering women generally but this morning, I’m all about stopping FGM. And I’m rushing to the airport to catch a flight to Turkana. And if I miss it, some poor girls will suffer.

Officer: Can I see your driving licence?

Amina smiles nonchalantly and pops open the glove compartment where her licence sits. It is also where her handgun lies.

Officer: (Catches a glimpse of the gun as Amina fishes the licence. Backs away from the car and holds her radio ready to talk fast into it. She also holds her gun at the ready. When she addresses Amina, her voice is a scared shrill) What the hell is that?

Amina: (Shuts the glove compartment and hands the licence to the officer)What the hell is what?

Officer: Open the glove compartment

Amina: Oh relax, would you? That’s just my CZ 75 9mm semi automatic pistol. (Prompted by the blank look on the officer’s face) It’s my ceska. Hello. A gun.

Officer: Get out of the car and put your hands on the hood (Speaks into the radio) I have a suspect with me. Requesting immediate assistance

Amina: Whooa!! A suspect? Suspected of what?

Officer: (Points her gun at Amina) Get out of the car now!

Amina: (Slowly, deliberately, she turns the engine off) Does it matter that I have the permit for this?

Officer: Out of the car before my trigger finger starts getting itchy.

Amina slowly opens the door and steps out of the vehicle.

Amina: (Steps close to the officer such that the muzzle of the gun touches her forehead. He smile is gone. Her eyes are resting squarely on the young officer’s in a cold gaze) If I miss that flight and if those girls get cut because of that, I will hunt you down, I will get you fired and I will make sure you don’t even get a job as a market stand guard in your whole damn life. (Takes a step even closer. The muzzle is sinking into the skin such that it will leave a small circle on her forehead later) Officer. My name is Amina. I’m licensed to carry arms. And right now, I am threatening you. Just keep wasting my time. You’ll see how unwise that is.

The officer pushes Amina roughly against the side of the Range as other cops come streaming to the scene. They enter the vehicle and retrieve the Ceska: under which lies a permit signed by the Directorate of Criminal Investigations.

Amina in the meantime stands under heavy guard as the car is being searched. The officers have forced her to lie on her tummy on the hood of the car with her hands behind her head. As motorists pass, they each catch a glimpse of her and wonder if she’s a terrorist.

The senior most officer on the scene goes through the permit and upon satisfaction, he instructs the officers to let Amina go.

Senior officer: I apologize on behalf of the Service for this. My officers and I were just being cautious.

Amina: No. You and your officers were just harassing an innocent citizen. (Grabs the permit from his hands) I better not miss my flight.

But she stands a huge chance of missing her flight. So she calls the office instructing them to pay the travel agency to replace her with a colleague and since this is a last minute arrangement and since time is of the essence, money will have to change hands. And so she is presented with the option to stop a FGM process in Kajiado County.

Namanga: Kajiado County. 11:43h

Amina needs the local police service department’s help in stopping an FGM process in the area but the police are not interested.

Reason being that it is a culture in this neck of the woods and even if they stop one, they won’t stop all of them. Besides, what will become of the rescued girls? What kind of future will they have?

So Amina instead decides to appeal to their self interest. And she offers them a handsome gift for their laudable efforts in curbing FGM should the operation prove to be a success.

And she, armed with her Ceska, and a team of police officers storm the area where girls were to be cut and rescues a few dozen of them.

All of whom she puts on the back of a bus and transports them to Karen in Nairobi where her Foundation lies. Hers and her husband’s. The “Malik and Amina Ahmed Foundation” where “less fortunate children are armed with endless better life opportunities”

16:33h find Amina driving back to Nairobi in no hurry at all. She is doing 60km/h as she leans back against her seat with the window rolled down, wind scattering her long hair all over the place. Her face is set as she listens to soft classical music.

She also takes this moment to make a call to her close acquaintance. An acquittance who provides her with information.

Acquaintance: Alpha. You and I were not supposed to talk today.

Amina: I wouldn’t be calling unless it was important.

Acquittance: What do you need?

Amina: There is a young officer. She was Manning a roadblock near Kempinski along Waiyaki Way this morning.

Acquaintance: I am not going to sell out police officers to you.

Amina: I will owe you one. And you and I both know that I’m just the kind of person you want in your debt.

Acquaintance: (Takes some time to think) Do you have a service number? (Amina shares with him the young officer’s number. The officer who harassed her in the morning) OK. Her name is Jackie Achieng’. Police Constable. Based in Parklands. She resides in Pangani. Will send you her dossier in a second.

Amina: Thank you.

Acquaintance: Don’t thank me yet. The favor you owe me; I want to collect right away.

Amina: Are you sure you don’t want to sit on that until you need something really huge?

Acquaintance: This is really huge. There is a police Sergeant. His name is Mambo. I need him dead.

Amina: I thought you don’t sell cops out.

Acquaintance: He is bad for business. And he’s animal. And Alpha…

Amina: Yeah.

Acquaintance: I want Mambo’s death to take place at a public place. I want it to be messy. And I want it to be slow. Can you do that for me? I want his death to be in the news for a few weeks at least.

Amina: Any deadlines I should know about?

Acquaintance: Yes. I want him dead by the end of the week.

Pangani. 00:45h. Amina is seated inside her car listening to music and just waiting. Her car has tainted windows so it is hard to see her from outside. She’s on the phone with Malik.

Malik: When are you coming home babe?

Amina: Soon love. Soon. There is something I have to do first.

Malik: A man or a woman?

Amina: (Chuckles) You make it sound so naughty.

Malik: Well, invite me. And maybe we can do them together. It’s always hotter that way.

Amina: But I don’t do them like you do baby. You’re clean. Thoughtful. Sweet. Me, I’m messy and malicious. I’ll just do her on my own. Besides, this is personal.

Malik: OK love. Leave some blood on you. I’ll help you wash it off. See you later?

Amina: OK baby. I love you.

The lights in the young officer’s house go off. That is the cue that Amina has been waiting for. She takes the Ceska 9mm semi automatic pistol, fits it at her back parallel to her spine, then collects a baseball bat from the back of her Evoque.

She walks through the gate, enters the compound and climbs a flight of stairs to the third floor where the cop lives. Moving expertly, she picks the lock and opens the door slowly.

She is now in the living room. She crosses over to the bedroom and right there in bed is her target. She is under the covers with her head exposed. There is light streaming into the room from security lights outside.

Amina doesn’t hesitate. Holding the bat firmly in both hands, she crashes it on the cop’s head yanking out a stream of blood.

A blow to the head dazes and renders one too dazed to scream. Amina yanks away the covers exposing the young officer’s body.

Amina: (As she delivers a blow to the young officer’s stomach) Sorry I lied. When I threatened you this morning, I meant I’m going to break into your house tonight and murder you.

And she delivers blow after blow, breaking the young officer’s hands, legs, face, skull, rib cage… And even long after she is dead, Amina keeps whacking and whacking until all that’s left of the body is a disgusting pile of red.

There’s blood everywhere. On the walls, on the floor, on Amina, everywhere.

Finally, she runs out of breathe and staggers away from the body. At first she chuckles. Then as she gazes at her handiwork, her chuckle escalates to a shrill, satisfied laughter. It’s not evil. Rather the “oh my God that’s so funny” kind of laughter. She crashes on the floor still laughing.

Later in the night, she takes a shower in the officer’s bathroom and uses her towel. She then changes into her clothes and puts all the things she touched in a bag.

She pours bleach all around the bathroom and also down the drain.

On her way out, she cleans her prints off anything she might have touched, collects her baseball bat and leaves the house. Tomorrow or in a few days, someone will discover the body. Then she’ll have another hearty laugh.

She drives to the apartment where she incinerates the bat, the towel she used and her clothes. The bloody ones. She also takes off the officer’s clothes and burns them too. She changes Into something else and at around 03:00h, she drives home to Malik and the kids.

She swings by the children’s bedroom and kisses them both on the forehead, strokes their hair and kisses them some more.

Then she enters their bedroom, strips and gets in bed beside Malik.

Malik: (Groaning) Your feet are freezing.

Amina: I missed you too baby. Think I can get a kiss?

Malik: Only if you had a great kill.

Amina: The kill was excellent.

Malik: (Smiles at her) Then in that case, you get a kiss and then some.

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Malik and Amina are in still in bed. It is the morning after she clobbered the lady officer to death with a baseball bat.

Amina: You know how people wake up in the morning, see their spouse in bed beside them and say ‘good morning’ with a smile and a kiss on the lips?

Malik: (Turns and groans) You’re about to ask who we’re going to kill next, aren’t you?

Amina: Nope. I have our next victim in mind. And from what my acquaintance tells me, he’s a bit of a rotten apple.

Malik sits up in bed and glares at his wife furiously.

Malik: Your acquaintance from the Council? I thought I asked you…

Amina: (Cupping his cheeks in her palms) Shh. I’ve got it under control.

Malik: (Pushes her hands away) No you don’t. You remember the last time we dealt with the Council? We had to pay. With blood. Or has that escaped your mind?

Amina: And we’re paying with blood this time. A bad person’s blood.

Malik: I just thought that before you made contact with them, you’d at least think of consulting me.

Amina: Yeah? Like you’ve been involving me in your activities completely, right?

Malik: What are we talking about now?

Amina: A girl. 24 years old. Her name was Sasha. Ring any bells? She got you all screwed up and you don’t want to let me in anymore.

Malik: (Flabbergasted) Wow. (Scowls) Wow. Can… Can we just talk about this bad apple we’re supposed to kill?

Amina: Yes we can. But this conversation isn’t over.



He is somewhere in Ngong’ in the company of two other plain clothes officers

It is still a bit dark and they are in an open field in the middle of nowhere. All that surrounds them are thorny bushes.

They are standing beside an unmarked police car and kneeling in front of them are three young men and a young woman. The kneeling youths look like they have been ran over by three trucks each. Torn clothes, broken fingers, swollen faces and hands and one of the young men’s ears is missing. They are all shaking. Whether from terror, or pain or the morning cold, Mambo and his officers don’t appear to care.

In front of the kneeling youths is a deep freshly dug grave.

Mambo stands in front of them and starts pacing as he says;

Mambo: Look around kids. Doesn’t this (points at the grassland engulfing them) remind you of Moses and The Burning Bush? Doesn’t it feel great to die on soil that resembles a Holy place? (The young people continue shaking. Their mouths are gagged so they can’t say much) Does it not feel amazing and safe to die on soil that reminds you of God Himself?

His fellow officers are listening keenly. Not that they’re staunch believers but they respect Mambo enough not to belittle his beliefs with something as annoying as a chuckle mid-sermon

Mambo half runs and half walks to the car from where he retrieves his Bible. He hurries back to the youths like a dutiful preacher as he flips through the pages.

Mambo: (To his fellow officers) Can one of you shine a light on my Bible? It’s too dark to see anything.

One of the officers retrieves a flashlight from the car and hurries over to Mambo.

Mambo: (To the kneeling youths as he opens the Bible) You are the errant youths that have been robbing banks. And that’s OK. I understand robbers. But then you went ahead and shot a pregnant woman. In the stomach. And it is for that offence alone that you got to face me. (He finds the verse he’s been looking for) Oh. Here it is. Before I kill you all and fit you inside that hole you see in front of you…(one of the young man mumbles and starts crying with terror. Mambo casts him a menacing glare prompting him to keep his whining to a minimum) I will share the Good Word with you. And today I will be reading from the Good Book of Exodus Chapter 3 verses 7 to 10.

He paces as he reads and the officer shining a light on the Bible has to pace with him

Mambo: (Reading) The LORD said, “I have indeed seen the
misery of my people in Egypt. I have heard
them crying out because of their slave
drivers, and I am concerned about their
suffering. So I have come down to rescue
them from the hand of the Egyptians and to
bring them up out of that land into a good
and spacious land, a land flowing with milk
and honey—the home of the Canaanites,
Hittites, Amorites, Perizzites, Hivites and
Jebusites. And now the cry of the
Israelites has reached me, and I have seen
the way the Egyptians are oppressing them.
So now, go. I am sending you to Pharaoh
to bring my people the Israelites out of

He snaps the Bible shut once he is done reading and squats in front of the youths.

Mambo: (Points to the Heavens) Today, God has spoken to me. Just as He spoke to Moses all those years ago. And do you know what He has told me lady and gentlemen? (He pauses dramatically then places his hands on one young man and the young lady’s shoulders. He also ensures that he maintains eye contact with each one of them) He has told me, “Mambo! Mambo! Mambo! Kenya is a country that is drowning in muck! (Raises his voice) We have murderers, rapists, terrorists and even (whispers between them all) child killers. (Nods vigorously at them) Uh huh. That’s where you cheap criminals lie. You killed a pregnant woman. You killed a child. You are like Egyptians persecuting Israelites and (Raises his hand and his voice) I am the Hand of God! And I will execute His Holy Vengeance against the sinners!! And by the time I am done unleashing untold horrors upon they that pollute His flock, the Devil beneath my feet with tremble at the very mention of my name. HALLELUJAH!! (Gets on his feet and watches begrudgingly as the young criminals shake and muffle and one of them pisses his pants). But don’t worry. I will send you on your way with a word of prayer.



The couple has an agreement to not delve into the details of murder in the family house. So they drive off in Malik’s car to their apartment where they can talk freely.

Before they leave however, they swing by their children’s bedroom where the kids are sleeping.

Amina: (Watching her babies sleep) Look at them baby. Look at the beauty we created you and I.

Malik: Thank God they look like their mother (They both smile and exchange that ‘I love you’ look)

Amina walks to their bed and strokes the daughter’s hair and she stirs awake.

Daughter: (Smiles at Amina) Mommy. You’re home. You promised you’d watch “Finding Dory” with me last evening.

Amina: Mommy had to work baby. But we’ll watch it together you and I tonight.

Daughter: (Eyes popping out with excitement) Really? (But then she remembers something and deflates) But then you’re always working mommy.

Malik sits on the bed and takes her hand.

Malik: Do you know how I know that you have the best mommy in the world? (The little girl shakes her head negatively) Because every thing she does is for you and your brother. And wherever she is, whatever she is doing, she’s always thinking about you.

Daughter: Promise?

Malik: I promise.

The little girl looks at Amina

Daughter: I love you mommy.

Amina: (Takes her in her arms) I love you too baby. I love you so so much.

Later, they get to the apartment where Amina produces a dossier on Mambo as forwarded to her by her acquaintance.

Amina: (Pointing at Mambo’s picture) Mambo has been a police officer for over 20 years during which hundreds of complaints have been filed against him. But he appears to be untouchable because the Independent Policing Oversight Authority (IPOA) won’t touch him, Internal Affairs Department won’t even smell him and his bosses just let him do whatever he wants. Because he is under the protection of some important people.

Malik: Why would the acquaintance send you after him? Why now?

Amina: I didn’t ask. But he seems like the kinda guy I’d kill whether the Council pointed him out to me or not.

Malik: I won’t do this. I would gladly torture and murder this guy but I won’t.

Amina: Why? Because of your hard on for the source of this information?

Malik: You want to do him, do him alone. I’ll find someone else. And next time you need a favor from those people, run in the opposite direction.

And just like that, Malik is out the door.



Mambo: (Praying) Dear Lord, I’m about to send some sinners your way to do with as you please. I hope they’re like the repentant thief and that your Good Servant Saint Peter will allow them through Your Holy Gates. I hope that since you’re merciful, the fact that they robbed a young lady off her life and that of her unborn child won’t deter you from letting them sing joyful songs unto You for eternity. This I pray believing and trusting in Thy Holy Name, Amen.

He does the sign of the cross and kisses the crucifix around his neck.

He then sends one of the officers to the car to retrieve an AK47. His plan is to stand behind them and spray bullets on their backs

But then he figures that will be too loud. “Wouldn’t want them to go out with a bang” he says.

Mambo: Bring me the sledge hammer instead.

And so the sledge hammer it is. And the young people plead with their gags still on and their hands and feet bound. But their pleas fall on Mambo’s ears. Which are more than deaf to criminals.

And the officers look away as he stands in front of the young man who pissed his pants, lifts the hammer in the air and brings it down hard on his head.

Minutes later, the smashed headed criminals are dumped in the deep grave and the officers bury them together with Mambo’s bloody clothes and his Bible. He wants it to keep them company in the other life.

Once he changes into something clean, he and his officers get inside their car and drive off. Off to Malik and Amina. Off to their next kill.



He is inside his X3 driving to the office when he hears the news. A group of five attempted to escape from Kamiti Maximum Prison. Two made it. Three were shot dead. Authorities are pursuing the escapees.

Malik changes the channel to an all music station. He drives into his building and parks the car in the basement as usual.

He finds his secretary holding the elevator for him.

Secretary: You’re late today. Everything OK?

Malik: (Smiling sweetly as the elevator doors slide shut) Why yes, thank you for asking. How are you this morning?

Secretary: I’m fine thank you. Did you hear the news? Somebody escaped from Kamiti. This fucking country of ours. Somebody is always doing something wrong.

Malik: Well, life would be so boring if somebody wasn’t doing something wrong, no?

They are on their floor. The elevator doors slide open and he steps out with his secretary hurrying beside him. He passes quick greetings around as she briefs him.

Secretary: There’s a coffee on your table. Your donuts will be there at exactly 10:30. Oh, you have a meeting with the board at 10:45 and the CEO requested to see you immediately you came in.

Malik: Did he say what he wanted?

Secretary: He never does. Oh one more thing; there’s a man in your office. He said he needed to see you urgently and he’s a police officer. He said his name is Mambo.

And for a second, Malik freezes before recovering quickly and smiling at his secretary.

Malik: Thank you so much.

As she walks away, Malik sends a quick text to his wife saying, “I’m in. Oh by the way, he’s seated in my office right now. Find an excuse to show up.”

Then he enters his office with a smile.

Outside, the secretaries are saying,

Secretary 1: There’s something wrong with him today.

Secretary 2: He seemed as hot today as always. And he smiled more widely at me than he did at you. Told you he likes me.

Secretary 2: He didn’t read the sign with his name on the door today. And there’s a policeman waiting in his office. (Worried) Do you think he’s in trouble?

Secretary 1: OK “a” Obsessive much? And “b” he’s a lawyer. I’m sure he can handle a cop.

Inside Malik is shaking Mambo’s hand smiling

Malik: Hello officer. I’m Malik Ahmed.

Mambo: (On his feet. Smiling. Shaking Malik’s hand. Maintaining steely eye contact) Hello Malik. I’m Mambo and I am here to kill you.


Mambo: (Still holding onto Malik’s hand and maintaining eye contact) Matthew Chapter 3 verse 12. Whose fan is in his hand, and he will
thoroughly purge his floor, and gather his
wheat into the garner; but he will burn up
the chaff with unquenchable fire.

Malik: Sorry. I subscribe to a different book. And I know that murder is murder even if you do it because there’s the voice of God in your head talking you through it.

Mambo: Have a seat Malik.

Malik: Wait. (Smiles) Are you referring to yourself as the unquenchable fire in this case?

Mambo: If you understood my resolve, you wouldn’t be grinning so sheepishly.

Malik: Sergeant Mambo. Mass murderer. Religious fanatic. I’d say it’s nice to meet you but my office already smells like hypocrisy and you’ve been in it for only three minutes.

Mambo: Are you sure that isn’t you? Malik Ahmed. Family man. Two kids. Serial killer. (Draws a rectangle in the air with both hands and appears to fit his next words in it) Advocate of the High Court. What a joke?

Malik: (Takes a seat, grabs his coffee and crosses his legs as he watches Mambo cautiously) So, are you going to show me some really scary stuff or are you going to murder me with boredom?

Mambo: Boredom is subtle. I don’t do subtle. And when I start murdering, it won’t be you alone that’ll be doing the dying.



She is at the Foundation in Karen where she takes the rescued children and currently, she’s trying to quench a fire.

Yesterday she rescued girls who were about to get cut in Kajiado County and today, their parents have sent a representative to fetch them back. In their opinion, some lady stormed the area with cops and guns and kidnapped their daughters.

So Amina is in her boardroom with her lawyer and the parents’ representative.

Amina’s lawyer: What do the parents want?

Parents’ representative: They want their girls back. What the hell else do you think they want?

Amina: Or what? It’s not like they want them anyway. Not really.

Lawyer: Or what?

Representative: Excuse me?

Lawyer: What will they do if they don’t get the girls back?

Representative: Then of course they’ll react with the full force of the law.

Amina: Good. Tell them to do that. Because I have just assumed custody of those girls. Until I am instructed otherwise by a court of law. In the meantime if those so called parents wish to see their daughters, visiting hours are properly publicized in our Service Charter.

Representative: They’ll come here and they’ll bring warriors.

Amina: (Stands up, places both palms on the table and leans closer to the representative) By God let them try.

It is at that juncture that she receives a text from Malik informing her that he’ll help kill Mambo. Oh. And that Mambo’s lying in wait in his office.

Amina: Well gentlemen, I believe we’re done here.

Representative: They will send young men with spears to claim these girls back.

Amina: (Over her shoulder as she leaves) And I’ll send the big boys with the big guns to defend them. Good day to you sir (She slams the door shut behind her)

As she crosses the lobby on her way to her office, she catches some breaking news on TV. The news about prisoners who escaped from Kamiti Prison.

Immediately, she makes a call to the acquaintance:

Acquaintance: Alpha, talking twice in two days. Are you sure this is the road you want to travel by?

Amina: You gave me a job. I’m trying to deliver but I need your help.

Acquaintance: This time you’ll owe me. And the Council. And your man doesn’t like being in debt.

Amina: Let me worry about my man. I need information on those escapees. I need to know who they are, what they desire and where they’ll be.

Acquaintance: Let’s hope your plan works.



Mambo: (Consults his watch) OK we’ve waited long enough. Call your secretary, tell her you are unwell and that she should cancel all your appointments for the day.

Malik: Then what?

Mambo: (Scowls at him as if he’s disappointed in him) Then we leave the office, go to some place quiet where I’ll torture you for a while then kill you. Come on Malik, you know these things already. Stop asking questions.

Malik: OK just one more question just so we both know that I asked. Or what?

Mambo: Well, I have men with eyes and ears on your house right now. And they have these bad bad shotguns with them. (Leans closer to Malik) Have you ever seen what a 12 gauge shotgun can do to a child’s body? (Smiles as he clicks his tongue) Tsk tsk tsk tsk. Let’s just say you’d never have minced meat for the rest of your life. (Smiles) Bad stuff I tell you. Bad stuff.

And so Malik instructs the secretary accordingly. And Mambo instructs him to put his phone on silent mode and leave it behind. And just like that, the two men leave the office with Mambo smiling at him like they’re buddies. And nobody suspects a thing.

Secretary 1: (Watching Malik and Mambo walk away) He doesn’t look sick to me. (Casts a worried look at her colleague) What if he’s gay?



She has the dossier on both escapees. Both convicted murderers who killed constantly during commissions of various robberies. Both repeat offenders. Both serving life sentences. Most importantly, both have families. Siblings, parents… Both have roots. And she knows exactly where to find them.

One last thing that the acquaintance informs her;

Acquaintance: Do you know you’re being watched?

Amina: By you?

Acquaintance: Nope. By Mambo’s people. They’re in a white Peugeot outside your office. I know because I’m watching them.

Amina: Thanks. Leave them to me.



Mambo knows where the secret apartment is. He followed him there once when he and Amina killed Amos together. And he watched as Amina came late last night and changed before heading out. And that’s exactly where he intends to end Malik. Then later, his wife.

And the two men enter the apartment and lock the door. And Mambo now cuffs Malik.It doesn’t take long for him to find the vault. The meat locker where it all goes down.

Mambo: What’s the code?

Malik: (Smiles) 1,2,3,4

Mambo punches him in the stomach and face and stomach again forcing him down to his knees breathing heavily.

Mambo: What’s the code to the vault?

Malik: (Smiling) Why? Does it break your heart that I’m not just giving it to you on a platter?

Mambo places a well delivered kick to Malik’s ear sending him to the floor with a crush and rendering him unconscious.



Her silk white Ranger Rover Evoque is speeding down Jogoo Road and in pursuit is the police officers’ Peugeot.

Behind the wheel, Amina listens to Classical Music and every now and then, she catches a glimpse of the Peugeot behind her. And every time she sees it, she smiles.

She then makes a turn and heads to Kayole using Outering Road. And the cops follow her. Wondering what she’s doing in Kayole. But they pursue her anyway.

The escapees are holed up in a tiny room in Kayole just waiting for Nairobi to cool down the search for them.

Amina finds a nice densely populated area where to park the Evoque. She puts the security measures in place such that if the car were to be stolen, it’d shut down in two minutes. Nothing much she can do about the wheels and side mirrors and all but she decides to take that chance.

There are two officers in the Peugeot. One of them leaves the car and follows Amina down the streets towards her destination.

She knows he’s following as she can see him hurrying after her in every mirror she looks into.

She takes an alley route between two tall buildings. There are kids playing everywhere, dirty water being spilled from balconies seven floors up, bicycles and carts everywhere and young folks chewing khat. And they all take a few seconds to stare at Amina. She who looks so out of place in this neighborhood.

She enters a compound through a tiny blue gate after making sure that the officer has spotted her. Then she starts climbing the stairs. One long stretch between the floors after the other. And she climbs all the way to the ninth floor. The stairs are dark and there isn’t much room between their banister rails and the walls. She concludes that claustrophobic folks wouldn’t survive much in Kayole.

She can hear the officer hurrying after her and so she waits with her Ceska Semi Automatic in hand.

The officer, upon not hearing Amina’s footsteps ahead of him anymore, gets in a blind hurry because the last thing he needs is to lose her. He hurries up the stairs until his nose makes hard contact with the barrel of Amina’s gun.

As he screams in pain, she grabs him by collar, disarms him and pushes him towards room number 924 where the escapees are hiding as she covers him with her gun

She knocks on the door and one of the people inside asks who it is.

Amina: My name is Mariam and I have with me a police officer in Sergeant Mambo’s team.

They all know sergeant Mambo the officer from hell. And they all have a bone to chew with him. So it doesn’t take much convincing for them to open the door and hurl both Amina and The cop inside the single room house.

Their plan is to kill them both but Amina convinces them that she’ll prove her loyalty to them by killing the cop herself.

And they let her.

Amina: (To the cop) This will go easier if you put up a fight.

Cop: (To the criminals) Please you have to believe me. She’s dangerous. At her earliest convenience she’ll kill you.

Amina smashes her fist on his nose breaking it and pissing him off. Which is what she wanted. And he attacks blindly.

Amina boxes in her free time. The idea of rendering something helpless with her fists turns her on in ways fewer other things do.

So she dodges the cop’s wild attacks and delivers blow after blow. To the groin. To the ribs. To the throat, armpits, chest and finally, the cop is leaning helplessly against the wall.

Amina: (To the criminals) Do you boys want to finish him off or will you let me do it?

They’ll let her do it. So she lands tens of blows on the cop’s body breaking ribs and his arms and when he can’t stand on both feet anymore, she opens the door, drags him out and before any of the criminals can stop her, she throws him down the nine floors and waits to watch as he flies down to the hard and mean concrete. His body narrowly misses a passing woman as it makes contact with the ground and makes an ugly splattering sound.

Amina: (To the criminals) That’s a smudge that should take months to wash off. (Laughing) Haha. I’ve always wanted to throw someone off a building.

But throwing someone down nine floors attracts attention. Even in Kayole. So now she informs them that they need to move and that she’s helping them.

And so they move. After all she’s just killed a cop. So they don’t have a choice but to trust her. For now.

And they hurry down the stairs making sure that they keep Amina close. She sees her Evoque from a distance and the Peugeot close behind. Sitting in the Peugeot is the other officer. And he on the radio. Something about how there’s something going down and he needs to go check up on his colleague.

People in Kayole are headed towards some place where someone has just fallen down a building. It’s just a mashed up body. What’s not to see. And this clamor is what has our officer all nervous. And distracted.

So distracted that he doesn’t see Amina approach from behind with a knife in hand. She yanks open the door, grabs the officer’s head and cuts his throat fast and expertly and as he fights for his last breath, she cleans the knife by rubbing it against the dying man’s trousers, closes the door casually, pockets the knife and heads for her car.

The last thing the cop sees before blacking out, is Amina and the two escapees entering the Evoque and driving off.



When Malik comes to, he finds himself bound to a chair in the kitchen. His mouth is gagged shut. His feet are inside a bucket half full of water and there is a water heater in there with his feet.

Mambo: This is a test for you. I’m going to switch the heater on and effectively boil your legs. Feel free to kick the bucket. And spill the water at any time you desire. (Fondling his phone) But if you do that, I’ll make a call to my people outside your house and your children will kick the bucket. (Smiling) See what I did there?

And he switches on the heater and waits.


She’s headed back to the city center with the escapees in her car and her face is set as she mumbles to herself,

Amina: Hang in there baby. I’m coming for you.


Malik’s feet are dipped inside the bucket with fast heating water inside. The temperature is beginning to get uncomfortable as can be witnessed from the rising bubbles.

Mambo is seated on a chair facing him. Watching and waiting patiently.

Mambo: Did I ever tell you I had a brother?

Malik: (Picks up the random question jovially) No. Not really. That’d be something. Two Mambo psychos roaming the world. What happened to him? Did you offer him as a burnt sacrifice to your gods?

Mambo takes it with calculated calm. Then he let’s his lower lip sink into his mouth and completely unable to stomach the low blow, he strikes Malik hard across the face.

Mambo: My God is fair! He’s merciful! He’s NOT some Neanderthal mountain man surviving on human flesh you asshole!!

Malik: (The blow has cut his lip and drawn blood. He licks the blood off and spits on the floor) Wow. And what does He have to say about you; His righteous servant murdering in His name? Or does your Bible lack the pages on forgiveness and allowing God to take revenge since as He says, ‘Vengeance is mine’?

Mambo: You know what, I’m done having this conversation with you.

Malik: That’s right you’re done. God’s way too powerful to require assistance from a psychopath who ejaculates to the blood of the children he’s just murdered.

In a fit of rage, Mambo unhooks his pistol from it’s holster and gets to work on Malik. He gun whips the man all over the face breaking his skin, nose and teeth and only stops after rendering him unconscious once more. After which he cowers to one corner of the kitchen, slides to the floor and sits with his knees up to his face crying;

Mambo: Oh Lord oh God. I’m losing control. Help me. Stand me up. Give me strength to demonstrate your will and might unto the sinners oh Jehovah Jireh. Jehovah Nissi glorious is thy name and blessed is the man who will stand up and proclaim you as the Heavenly King in front of man. I have never abandoned you. Please do not abandon me now. Oh Lord oh God….

His vehement praying is reduced to a mumble as he kneels right there in the kitchen, lifts his face and hands up to the ceiling and prays in tongues with tears streaming down his face. He is too engrossed in prayer to notice that Malik has regained consciousness and is watching him with a quizzical look in his swelling eyes.



She parks the Evoque in downtown Nairobi and turns around to face the escapees.

Amina: I need to hire you for a job.

Escapee 1: We don’t get hired lady.

Amina: (Dead eyes him) Hey, your favorite niece is twelve years old. Nice girl. Scores highly in her exams, is the school head girl and hey, she even does well in sports and drama. Now imagine that one evening on her way from school, a ‘drunk’ runs her over with his car. (Corrects herself) Oh that’d be too fast. Too kind. Imagine that one evening on her way from school, she bumped into a psycho who grabbed her, took her somewhere quiet and injected her with cocaine. Imagine this psycho holding your 12 year old niece hostage for 6 years, everyday injecting her with the drug. Of course she’d be hooked in a week or so (chuckles) I’m not an expert on these matters but I hear cocaine can be quite addictive. So he wouldn’t have to shackle her for long. Next thing, she’d be his for keeps. Doing his bidding, carrying his babies, letting him have his way with her for as long as he wished…

Escapee 1: Shut up! Shut up!

Amina: (Unperturbed) What? It’s not like it doesn’t happen. (Jovial) Hey, did you hear about that guy who grabbed two girls and kept them in his basement for (pause) was it twelve years? He gave them babies too. Cute little…

Escapee 1: What do you want from me?

Amina: (Turns to escapee 2) I have a job for you too. Will you take it or do I have to shrink your balls with my disgusting threats too?

Escapee 2: What’s the job? And what’s the pay?

Amina: (Impressed) Ah. A man who believes in quid pro quo. That’s a man I’d trust. Well, you all remember Sergeant Mambo. (Smiles at escapee 2) You remember him. He crushed your testicle (Pause) was it the right or the left one?

Escapee 2: I could let you dip your hand inside. Feel around for details.

Amina: Nah. I only play around with the big boys. Know what I mean?

Escaped 1: Just; just brief us, OK?

Amina: I need you to kill Sergeant Mambo in about (consults her wristwatch) two hours from now.

Escapee 1: Why would you feel the need to threaten us into killing a man who we’d kill happily for free? Hell, I’d even pay you to tell me where I can find him so I can put him down.

Amina: I need the death to be slow, painful and in public.

Escapee 2: Then we’d get caught.

Amina: You will get caught. And you will spend the rest of your lives in various prisons in this country. But your nieces would live out their lives happily without running into any psychos, your mothers wouldn’t worry about someone torching their houses at night as they slept and hey (smiles brightly) I’d ensure you had conjugal visits everyday for as long as you know; you can rise up to various occasions.

Escapee 2: I’ll kill Mambo. Just, put some money in the picture. Truth is, I escaped…

Amina: To rob an armoured car so as to provide for your mother’s chemotherapy. I get it. I’ll personally ensure that she’s well taken care of for the rest of her life. Anymore favors?

And they list what they need. Most of which Amina is aware of already.

Amina: Now that that is out of the way, Sergeant Mambo will be standing at National Archives at exactly 14:00h. I know that because I’ll have sent him there personally. How you kill him is up to you.

Escapee 1: Consider it done.

Amina: Well gentlemen, please ensure that you have fun. Make it messy, make it brutal and make it entertaining. Now get out of my car.

Escapee 2: Who’s to say we won’t get caught before then? Our faces are all over the news.

Amina: Do I have to think of everything? Buy caps and dark glasses. Come on guys. No wonder you got caught and sent to jail in the first place. Go. Get out of my car.

And they do. And she puts on her Classical music and drives off towards her man and Mambo.



The gag is back on Malik’s mouth and the reason is simple. The water is boiling. And his feet are inside. His screams are muffled And his face is bloody and sweaty and contorted in unbearable pain.

The skin on his feet is peeling off and his hands keep clenching and unclenching into fists as he fights the pain.

Mambo: All you have to do to stop the pain is kick away the bucket. Just do it. You don’t even know if I’m being honest by saying that my men will kill your children if you pour the water. You can’t trust me. (Pacing around and slapping his temples) I’m insane. I am a perpetual liar! Just kick away the bucket. Come on! I dare you!

But Malik fights on. The water keeps boiling the skin away from his feet. It is bloody and the air is beginning to smell like boiling meat because well, there’s some meat boiling in the kitchen.

Mambo: I feel like Satan right now. Just tempting the Good Lord Jesus Christ in the desert.

Malik is losing consciousness again. His mind keeps trying to focus on the good days between him and Amina.

Like that day in 2006: they were in university together and they stole her father’s car, drove to Mombasa and spent most time on the beach. Just walking around in their underclothes, hand in hand, laughing and kissing and letting the blowing wind beat against their skin and their bare feet sink in the white sand.

Feet. Feet. Oh the burning feet!

And his mind shifts to the pain and anguish that he’s currently going through. He is having trouble breathing and his heartbeat is slowing down.

Mambo sees Malik’s eyes roll back and that’s when he retrieves a syringe from his pocket with an adrenaline shot in it.

Mambo: (As he rips Malik’s shirt open and injects him directly into the heart) This should keep you alive long enough to boil your feet to the bone. And if you die before hand, it’ll be from a cardiac arrest or something exciting!! (Sniffs the air around him and smiles at Malik) Oh man. I have to say, your feet smell delicious.

He is so busy toying with his prey to hear the door open slowly and to see Amina slide in with the silence of a cat.

She tiptoes to the kitchen with her gun in hand and comes face to face to face with Mambo boiling her Malik alive

Mambo is standing in front of Malik who is seated between him and Amina who’s standing at the kitchen’s doorway. He quickly drops out of Amina’s shooting sight by hiding in front of Malik and retrieves his gun from the holster.

Mambo: If you start shooting, you might kill your husband right here right now.

The water is still boiling and Amina can smell the burning flesh. It takes all her energy to control herself.

Amina: (Still pointing the gun in Mambo’s general direction.) There is a boy. His name is Oscar. He is sixteen years old (The more she talks, the more her voice breaks).

Mambo: I don’t know any Oscars.

Amina: Good. That’s very good. I’m sure by now you’ve heard about the boys who escaped from Kamiti. I know for certain that they have that boy at the National Archives as we speak. And they will sure as daylight slit his throat open at 14:00h.

Mambo: Like I said, I don’t…

Amina: Well, then we’ll all just sit back and let my husband die slowly and your old partner’s son – a boy whose father you promised you’d take care of, a father who died while saving your life – we’ll just let them die slowly.

Mambo: (After a short pause) Did you arrange for the prisoners to escape and grab Oscar just to see me suffer?

Amina: Does it matter?

Mambo: What makes you think after I diffuse the situation with Oscar I won’t come back for you and your entire family?

Amina: What makes you think after you diffuse the situation I won’t break into your house at night and clobber you to death with a baseball bat?

Slowly, Mambo puts his hands up showing the gun, before rising to his feet. It takes everything Amina’s got to keep her from shooting him down right there.

Mambo holsters his gun and as he makes his way past her, she looks him in the eyes and says,

Amina: Funny how even the most animalistic of us have our own Achilles Heel.

Mambo:,If any harm comes to me or my Achilles Heel today, you will see me or hear my voice from the afterlife saying to you, “Hello Amina. My name is Mambo and I am the voice of Karma”

Amina: And I will reply, “Hello voice of karma. Why don’t you shut the fuck up and do something.”

The defiant look in her eyes is the last thing Mambo sees before hurrying off towards the National Archives where he hopes to save his partner’s son.

As soon as he’s gone, Amina holsters her Ceska and hurries to the socket, switches it off and lifts Malik and the chair away from the boiling water.

Amina: (Crying) Why didn’t you kick the bucket away? Why? Why?

Malik’s eyes are shut and he’s not breathing. The flesh is peeling off his feet and bones are showing here and there.

As she makes a frantic call to a personal friend who is also a doctor, she carries Malik to the bathroom where there’s a chest of drugs and also puts some cold water in a bucket for his feet. Or what’s left of them.

The doctor instructs her over the phone on what to do before she can show up at the apartment with help.



He is standing outside the Archives just looking around frantically and calling Oscar’s name. On his way there, he called for backup and most of his loyal friends in Service are with him.

But that does not deter the escapees from making their move. They are both armed with handguns and they both have eyes on Mambo.

The place is quite crowded with idlers, preachers, and hundreds of random people just hurrying past and minding their own business.

Escapee 1 stands at the back of the large crowd listening to a preacher with his gun in hand and fires twice in the air creating immediate chaos.

The crowd breaks up with screams and people make chaotic dash for their lives. As Mambo looks around to grab a handle on this situation, Escapee 2 approaches him from behind with a syringe in hand and stabs him in the throat with it. Then he immerses himself into the running crowd and runs off with Escapee 1 close in tow.

Amidst the running hundreds of people, one man stands out. One man who isn’t running but is being ran into and bumped against. Mambo.

His sight is failing him and his breathing is strived. Something is oozing out of his eyes. He touches them and looks at his hands. It’s blood.

The crowd has thinned out and Mambo is standing alone, screaming in terror and grabbing his chest because his heart is beating too fast. Blood is oozing from his eyes, ears, face, nose…

His fellow officers, afraid that whatever is killing him might be contagious, step away from the scene and make frantic calls to relevant authorities.

Mambo is seeing the world through the glasses of red. Severe pain hits his head and chest; pain so severe that it brings him down to his knees. His burning throat can’t release anymore of his heart wrenching screams

He claws the ground so hard in pain that his nails pluck off and in his pain, he chews his tongue off. In a last minute effort to ease the pain, his trembling hands reach to his holster where he struggles to reach for his weapon so he can shoot himself in the head. But even that proves impossible.

After minutes of hell, he finally lays out on the concrete, his body spasming and just as the lights fade from his eyes, he remembers with dim panic that he forgot to pray.



She is holed up in the apartment with the doctor who is trying to save Malik’s life.

According to the doctor, Malik went into shock due to the pain and he was still in critical condition. His heart had given out and his brain had gone without oxygen for a little bit before Amina’s CPR had gotten his heart beating again.

Amina: What will happen now?

Doctor: Well, it’s too early to tell but with good care, he just might wake up.

Amina: And will he ever walk again?

Doctor: Not on those feet no. He’ll have to be amputated but first, he’ll have to wake up from his coma.

The doctor has provided a hospital bed complete with the EKG and the IV and has promised to dedicate the next few weeks to Malik personally. After all, she owes the Ahmeds her life.

Amina’s phone rings and it’s the acquaintance on the line.

Amina: I did exactly as you asked and killed Mambo in public

Acquaintance: Yes. I can see the breaking news on TV. Good job. But it came with two loose ends.

Amina: What loose ends?

Acquaintance: Your escapees. They escaped the scene. They proved to be much more clever than you gave them credit for. They need to be silenced.

Amina: (Casts a glance at Malik who is lying in bed with tubes everywhere and sighs) With the day I’ve had, I could use a pressure relieving activity. Where are they?

Acquaintance: One thing before I share the address with you. I need their deaths to be appear accidental.

Amina: What’s the address?


Amina, clad in a pair of black jeans and black hoodie slides off her Ducati in a back alley in Mathare Slum with a baseball bat in hand.

As she heads for the escapee’s hideout shack, she can already see the headlines in her head for tomorrow morning’s news.

“Murdered officer’s killers brutally murdered.”

As her baseball bat lands on the escapees bodies and breaks their bones, she can hear the newscaster’s voice in her head saying, “The two men who escaped from Kamiti Maximum Prison to hunt down Sergeant Mambo’s team which put them behind bars in the first place, waged war against the police service when they killed the Sergeant and two members of his team.”

As she leaves their broken but live bodies in the shack, douses it in petrol, closes the door and lights it up, the newscaster in her head is saying, “Their badly burned bodies were found inside their hideout place in Mathare Slums. Police are conducting investigations into the incident. In other news…”

And as she rides the bike back to her children, wishing that she could enjoy the night wind blowing up against her, she thinks of Malik and wonders how she’ll explain his absence to them.

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  1. Mambo cant, shouldnt, isnt supposed to ie that cheaply. A cop of his distinction, a master predator, cant just stand infront of archives and await his death on such a simple bluff from Amina. Too easy

    • I am kinda inclined to agree with you. Luring him away from Malik was quite too easy. However, to the author’s credit he showed up with back up though of course still, u raise a fundamental point, an officer of his calibre should have been more clandestine.


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