Kiss Kiss


It all begins innocently. With that look in each other’s eyes that last a second too long, that accidental brush of hands, and that laughter that lasts longer than it should.

Then it graduates to lengthy conversations. If you killed somebody in your house, how would you dispose the body without getting caught?

If you needed a lot of money real quick, would you rob a bank or an armored vehicle? How would you go about it without getting caught? Or without killing? Would you blackmail somebody? Would you kidnap a kid and demand ransom? How would you get away with it?

And these conversations about crime keep you both up late into many nights. And they graduate into hard observation into the human Psyche. How would you get a serial killer to confess? How would you detect if your man or lady was cheating? How would you catch a serial rapist?

The accidental brush of hands graduate to walking around hand in hand, the lengthy laughter and smiles graduate to permanent contours on your faces whenever you’re together.

Then one day she walks into your law firm with two coffee mugs. You’re headed for court because that long postponed hearing is finally about to start.

And on your way out of the office and on her way in to see you, you bump into each other and she spills the coffee all over that dark blue suit you’ve been saving for this hearing.

You look into her eyes. Those big brown eyes that reflect the life of the world in them. She doesn’t have to say it. You can see the pain in them. The fear of what you’ll think of her.

The heat is making it’s way to your skin so you dash to the washrooms and one look into the mirror tell you that you won’t make it to the trial on time.

You wiggle out of your suit as you dial a number on your phone. The stains on your shirt are larger than the cold fear creeping into your heart.

It is the biggest case you have had to handle thus far. The most important. And now somebody has to hold your brief because she, SHE, just had to hurry in at the very moment you were hurrying out.

And as your close colleague answers the phone on the other side, and as you stammer your last minute “hold my brief” request, you catch her reflection in the mirror.

There you stand with that worried look on your face. Your jacket lies on the sink in front of you, your stained shirt is halfway out of your body and your tie is hanging loose around your neck like a rope around a goat’s throat. And your vest clings desperately to your body because you like them fitting. And also it’s got coffee all over it.

And there she stands behind you. In her grey skirt suit, heels, those short plump fingers and those big brown eyes. There she stands with her hair clipped to the back of her head and with those small lips tightly wound together.

And your eyes meet in the mirror and the smile that follows feels like the first between you. Yes you have traded a million smiles before but this feels like being kissed by that special someone for the first time.

And all the fear melts from your heart, and all the anger clouding your mind dissipates. When her hand circles you, you know that whatever has been brewing between the both of you over the past few months of lengthy chats, is now served.

And when her lips part and her mouth opens to release the words, “I’m sorry” you know that this moment is where it all begins. Just you and her, staring at each other in the mirror. And no case, no matter how big, will ever delete this memory from your mind.

“I am glad you spilled that coffee on me” you say and she replies that she was just looking for a way to spend a few minutes with you in the bathroom.

And the subsequent chuckle erodes words from the picture. You have traded a million words over the last few months but this moment requires no verbal communication.

So you turn around to face her. And you see the little creases between her eyes as she realizes just how deep she has fallen. And you feel her grip on your hand tighten. And a veneer of vulnerability clouds her eyes to say, “please don’t hurt me.”

And you offer a comforting smile to assure her that you’re right in the beautiful muck with her.

And when her eyes shift from your eyes to your lips, you know that this is the first minute of a long voyage in a sea of emotional splendor, tantalizing waves and eternal satisfaction.

Sometimes a random kiss in the bathroom says “I love you” louder than the words “I love you”

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  1. Dammmmnn😊😊😊😊😍😍😍😍, this is great work Chanchori!!
    Sometimes I am tempted to think you are a hopeless romantic deep down.

  2. Comment:wouh!held me right there!
    and by the way why not write a series
    I love the feeling of being lost in your stories

  3. hmmmm…
    seriously this writeup is a hit…
    first time of reading your piece i felt as if am in d act….
    more grace bro.

  4. Your harrassment it quite admissible in court of law. How can you do this then just leave like you haven’t done a darn thing?….. your suspense? lo!

  5. I was caught up in the moment then it ended.. your articles always leave me yearning for more. You must be a hopeless romantic. Great piece like always


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